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  1. How can one verify how true this story is? I tried searching which language “Kan Ghu ru” comes from, and couldn’t really find anything except the same story being repeated on every other website. Has anyone really verified this story and knows which language does “Kan Ghu ru” belong to? Becuase, its also very hard to understand why would anyone enact rather than directly pointing at the animal and asking what its name was.

  2. From article by Patricia Hatherly

    “The word ‘kangaroo’ actually comes from the Guugu Yimithirr
    language and originated from the word ‘gangurru’ (sometimes
    also recorded as ‘gaNurru’). The Guugu Yimithirr (sometimes
    also spelt Yimidhirr) people inhabit the land in the northern
    part of the continent in the Cape York peninsular and this is
    their word for the black and grey kangaroos that are found
    on their land. Journals from the HM Bark Endeavour held
    at the James Cook Museum in Cooktown record the word in
    the Captain’s log and there is an illustration of the animal.
    According to the records, the kangaroo was first observed on
    June 24th 1770 during the time that Cook beached his boat
    in far northern Australia (which is now called Cooktown) in
    order to repair the damage sustained while navigating the
    Great Barrier Reef.”


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