9 thoughts on “Punctuation is powerful”

  1. Why the sex of the punctuators important? I say this post provokes the view of feminism only being for women, rather than the feminist movement being for everyone, regardless of gender.

    Taste this:

    One part of the class wrote this:
    “A woman, without her man, is nothing”

    Whereas the other part wrote this:
    “A woman: without her, man is nothing”

  2. The lesson here appears to be that men don’t know how to punctuate.

    To make the point that a woman needs a man, the men should have added only a period.

  3. Dan I’d go further saying that this is trying to provoke the notion that women are smarter than men. But for some reason that doens’t get as many complaints as provoking the thought that men are smareter than women.


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