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  1. Stick to inspirational instead of factual. The “State of Franklin” and the current state of Tennessee are not even close to the same thing. Tennessee has 95 counties, and the portion of it that made up Franklin were only the 8 Northestern counties.

    In 1793, eight counties of North Carolina seceded and tried to form their own state. They appealed to join the union, but basically they were an incompetent set of fools who couldn’t even agree on what money to use (barter was the official form of payment, and the “governor” got paid in deer hides). The “state” failed to garner enough support to join the union, and it could not defend itself against increasing attacks from Native Americans. In 1796, the 8 counties agreed to rejoin North Carolina. Then, a few years later, North Carolina gave those same counties to the federal government as a payment for the debt incurred during the Revolutionary War. That gift became part of the Southwest Territory, which later became the state of Tennessee.

    Equating Tennessee and Franklin is ridiculous.

  2. @d
    It’s very “nice” of you to set the fact straight but frankly you come off as a condescending jerk when you begin your “straightening out” with “Stick to inspirational instead of factual.” I am sure you are aware of that though since you appear to be the petty know it all type…I am truly sick of your ilk in this world. Try growing some wonder and humbleness to soften that “factual/correcting” personality of yours.


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