2 thoughts on “Eat Less CRAP – Eat More FOOD

  1. G’Day! Bitsofwisdom,
    I just stumbled across this and, 1. fast food restaurant food tastes like crap compared to real food
    2. They serve very unhealthy food (even the ‘nutritious’ foods are not really so) with lot’s of trans fats. excessive consumption leads to obesity.
    3. they prepare food without quality and with thoughtful preparation but in bulk. that is just economically beneficial for them.
    4.standardized foodstuffs are shipped to each restaurant from central locations, and most of the time the food is not the freshest
    5. Exploitative advertising/marketing are used, especially directed at children (which can have an adverse effect on their eating habits and health).
    6.It causes environmental damage through excessive packaging and clearing forests for animal rearing.
    7. It reduces the diversity of local cuisines.
    8.It survives on a low-wage, low-benefit employment model, promoting exploitative labor practices throughout the food service industry
    9.franchising scheme
    10. it costs less to go shopping&make food for the week
    Good Job!

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