34 Life Tips

1-Be polite, people like polite people. People give free stuff to polite people

2-If you have a default installation of windows XP, Press cntrl-alt-delete twice on login, type in ‘Administrator’ with no password. Boom. You’re in

3-pay attention to details

4- Girls are expensive

5- cars are expensive

6-if you want to make an essay longer, do cntl-‘F’ search for “.” change period size from 12 to 14

7- When receiving a call from a telemarketer, press ‘9’. You are then added to that companies ‘do not call list 95% of companies do this

8- Wait for sales

9- If you get a brain freeze, press your tongue to the roof of your mouth

10- Don’t be afraid to ask for help

11-Peel bananas from the bottom

12- When eating a chicken wing (With two bones) remove the smaller bone. No meat missed

13- Don’t be rude to a cop who could give you a ticket

14- If a cop asks you where you are going you say HOME

15-Honesty gets respect. If you are respected you will get better opportunities.

16- If you need to take a midnight bathroom break, keep one eye closed to keep ‘Night Vision’

17- AAA. Get it.

18- Bikes are cheaper than cars, and the health benefits are good too

19- Put that you were time’s 2006 person of the year on your resume. In 2006, Time made ‘Everyone” the person of the year

20- 5th amendment. Be quiet and wait for a Lawyer

21-Tapping on the top of a soda can will make it fizz less

22- If you forget someones name simply say ” Sorry, what was your name again?” They may look annoyed, but once they tell you say “No, I meant your last name” boom. First and last name.

23- Restarting the computer solves roughly 75% of errors.

24- Always act cool and collected

25- use a condom

26- Always save a word doc as a .DOC so that it will work on office 2003

27-inflammable = flammable

28- Never chug over 40 proof

29- Always leave a note

30- Always take a minute to make sure you have everything you need, better than taking 10 to get back to grab it

31-Bengay should NEVER go on the crotch

32-Save your work

33- Listen to music if you are in a bad mood

34- Write down ideas