9 things to know about saving

Live Under Your Income
Live within your means. You can make this happen through
budgeting your expenses and then just getting enough cash out every week to cover your needs and put those credit cards all away. There was a study done by Visa that showed that people that purchase their food using their credit card will spend 30% more on their food then those that pay with cash. Get some hamburger instead of steak and put that credit card away.

Less Focus on Wants, More Focus on Needs
You must gain a good understanding of your income and what all it must buy. Along with that, you need to account for all of the needs before you spend money on anything that’s a want. Things like your new flat screen are not a need. Needs are things like:

  • Food
  • Mortgage
  • Utilities
  • Medical care

If it’s clearly not a need you should put the purchase off for 24 hours before you complete it so you have some time to think about it carefully.

Stay  At Home
By skipping a long distance vacation you can save on average around $2k a year just staying home. There are many things you can do at home and just spend time doing things as a family. Maybe just go to the local amusement park instead of running to Disneyland, etc…

Eat At Home
The statistics show that people on average are eating out around 4.2 times a week. With averaging the cost to $7 per meal, that’s $127 a month. Doesn’t seem like much, that’s over $1,500 a year and $6,000 for the family of four. Know anything else you’d like to do with that money?

Pass Over the Alcohol
Give up some of the alcohol and reach for the water, coffee or iced tea instead. If you pick up a glass of iced tea instead of the cocktail you’re going to save over $0.50 a shot. If you’re at a restaurant it could be up to $5 or more.

Shirk the Latte
So much money is spent getting that latte or the coffee through the drive through. Make the tea or the coffee at your home and bring it with you every day. If you need to get some coffee out maybe just go for the regular cup of coffee instead of the latte. You’ll be surprised at how much money you’re saving.

Shopping and Entertainment Are Different, Don’t Confuse Them
Either online or in person it is just so easy to keep adding items to your cart out of boredom or to get that, “oh my, I must have that!” feeling. Only purchase what you need and reduce the risk of overspending. Get a good book or learn a good hobby. Don’t shop for entertainment.

Keep the Car
Your car is your transportation. It’s not your
fashion statement. Keep your car and avoid the urge to get a new one when you don’t really need it. Look into carpooling as it will reduce your consumption while trimming your transportation costs.

Use All of It, Wear It Out, Make Do with It, Do Without It
This is the motto that ruled the depression era. Keep this in mind and use it before you purchase something. Its tips like these that can get you through the worrisome times and help you save some money in the good times.