Universal Truths

                                                                                                        By Baierman

Here’s a little reminder of things I’ve seen in the past few weeks and months that make me smile at the human race. You know, the same folks which I get so angry at sometimes.

It’s easy to explore the mean and negative.

Here’s a list of positive things we all share.

1. Pregnant women always get a seat. Subway. Train. Plane. Tram. The old, sick and even the delinquent, will rise to give the pregnant a seat.

2. When crossing the street, ducklings still have the right of way.

3. Say “hi” to someone and you’ll hear it back. (98% of the time anyway.)

4. Mothers rarely have to worry about carrying strollers up and down stairs. Someone will come along to help.

5. People routinely ignore safety warnings to hold train and elevator doors open. Same goes for Subway doors.

6. Rainbows lift your spirit.

7. If you are begging for food, there’s a fairly good chance someone will give you some.

8. When you car breaks down on the side of the road, someone will pull over to lend a hand.

9. If you are injured in a public place, dozens of people will race to call 911 and report your problem.

10. The tray that says “take a penny, leave a penny” is never empty.

11. There is always a strong back to help lift a heavy bag into the overhead luggage compartment.

12. C is for Cookie. Damn right, it’s a universal truth.

13. The blind rarely cross the street without an offer of help from a stranger.

14. “Thank you,” is much appreciated.

15. When babies cry, strangers will join together to make funny faces until the child stops.

16. If you need to make a call, someone will lend you a phone.

17. If the bill comes to an extra 1, 2 or 3 cents, most businesses won’t make you pay it.

18. When a child is lost thousands of complete strangers will join in the search to find the child.

19. There’s just something about bubbles. They float by and cheer us up. Plus, we all love to pop them.

20. If you have fresh popcorn you will make friends.

Alright, now that your faith in humanity is restored you may go back to hating.



I’m not so sure I agree with #17.  At least that’s not my experience.  It does happen occasionally, but not the majority of the time.